Chicago Internet Builders works with small to medium sized businesses to achieve their sales and profit goals utilizing today's state of the art web technology. 

Chicago Internet Builders provides the tools available today starting with Web 1.0 and then works with our clients to advance their presence utilizing Web 2.0 techniques.  Often, we do this for the business owner who is busy actively running his or her business and is making their first venture into this new world.  

Chicago Internet Builders will not only bring the latest Internet capabilities to its clients, but also implement the custom Internet solutions that are appropriate to the specific business needs of each customer. Several custom yet economical packages have been designed and are available.

Chicago Internet Builders was founded by experienced senior business professionals who bring over 60 years of combined successful sales and marketing experience in the areas of hospitality, food, technology, telecommunications, telemarketing, retail point of sale, direct to consumer, B2B,  lending, credit and banking. They excel at reviewing your needs then applying sales, marketing and technology skills to address your needs.

Their background includes working with consumers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and the board rooms of Local and International companies.  They have helped start ups, mid-sized businesses and large companies in the areas of Hospitality, Retail, Restaurant, Insurance, Finance and Realestate industries.

Chicago Internet Builders is a team of dedicated experts who specialize in creating and building custom Internet solutions to help small to medium sized businesses and organizations improve sales, increase profits and bring in new customers. 

Whether you are targeting consumers, conducting B2B outreach, trying to change perceptions, increase visibility or make a splash, Chicago Internet Builders can help you achieve your goals.
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